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Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to Oak Tree Corner?

Oak Tree Corner is designed for children 3-18 who have experienced the death of someone significant; Typically a parent, sibling, close relative, friend or caregiver.

Oak Tree Corner serves children regardless of race, religion, or economic status. All services are free. Oak Tree Corner has no geographic restrictions and offers meeting locations in Greene, Montgomery, and Warren counties.

What kind of counseling or therapy does Oak Tree Corner offer?

Oak Tree Corner provides free support groups but no professional therapy, counseling, or psychiatric evaluations. Groups are led by trained volunteers, many of whom experienced loss early in their own lives. If a child or teen requires more help than a support group can offer, we will inform the parents/caregivers. Many young persons come to the support groups while they also attend individual sessions with a mental health professional.

What is included in the training for volunteers who lead groups?

All volunteers must complete 24 hours of training and a complete background check as required by the state of Ohio. Volunteers learn about developmental needs of children in grief, group dynamics, supportive listening skills and techniques for beneficial play.

What is available for parents or caregivers?

A separate group is available for those who take care of children/teens in grief. This group is optional, but a responsible adult must remain on the premises inside our buildings during all meetings.

May we sit in a group to observe before registering?

To respect privacy laws and allow children complete comfort, visitors are not permitted in groups. Families learn about our service through a video of our meetings (see about page) and a personal meeting with a staff member.

How long do families attend meetings at Oak Tree Corner?

Families make their own decisions about beginning and ending. A family may start a month after a death or several years later. Families attend as long as they find the group to be helpful. Generally, families attend for a year and a half, although some families find enough comfort after 3 meetings and other families have attended 4 years. Oak Tree Corner does not place a timetable on grief.

Where are the meetings?

Oak Tree Corner meets at three locations. A map and calendar of meeting dates are given to everyone at their orientation. There are three locations centrally located in Green, Montgomery, and Warren counties. All meetings are held at 6 p.m. and last until approximately 7:30 or 8 p.m. on week nights.

What day and time are meetings?

Most meetings are on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings two times per month. There are no meetings in July. A picnic for all families from all locations takes the place of the meetings.

Once we start, may we switch locations?

Once a family picks a location, it is best to stay at that location to connect with the same group every visit and for volunteers to get to know them. If a family moves, they may change, but it is in the best interest of the child to stay in one place if at all possible. Families may not switch from location to location every two weeks.

What happens on a typical evening?

A free meal is offered from 6-6:30 and then children/teens meet with their group. Activities may include games, memory projects, puppets, music, baking, drama, crafts and often, sharing stories. The children in each group decide the activities for the evening. After group, a short closing circle unites the entire group.

What religion is Oak Tree corner affiliated with?

Although some of our meetings take place at churches, our program is completely non-denominational. We serve children of all religions and children whose families do not belong to a church at this time. The children/teens may share their religious questions with each other but our facilitators respect all belief systems and do not discuss religion

What is the charge? What insurance does Oak Tree Corner take? Do I need a prescription from a physician?

Because Oak Tree Corner is a support group and not therapy or counseling, no insurance is required. Families are invited to donate a few dollars at meetings, as their finances permit, but no one is ever required to pay for service. Sometimes families chose to make memorial gifts in memory of the person who died. No prescription is needed to attend. Families may refer themselves.

How do I know if my child/teen needs Oak Tree Corner? How do I know if he/she is ready to stop attending?

Grief is different for everyone and it is often difficult to tell what is happening with a child or teen who has experienced a significant loss. Many children and especially teens are reluctant to start the group but then find it to be a true safe place. Children and teens typically tell their parent/caregiver when they feel they do not need to attend any more. Our staff can help with this decision also. A closing ceremony/graduation is offered to all children/teens who finish the program or move.

How do I register?

Call (937) 285-0199 or e-mail us. Someone will contact you within 24-48 hours to set up a time to learn more about the program. Adults and children attend this meeting, which takes about an hour. Once you complete the orientation, you may start at the next meeting that is scheduled.

Do you have references?

We can provide personal and professional references for families who wish for more information. We have been serving the Dayton area since 1996 and have furnished comfort to close to 1000 children.